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"Sic vive cum hominibus, tamquam deus videat; sic loquere cum deo, tamquam homines audiat" Seneka

We sometimes wonder who it is in Poland that coordinates the mass media in such a blatantly anti-Catholic and anti-Polish way.

There must be some coordination if almost the same second they focus on one particular subject and begin their barrage. Sometimes they will attack a project. Another time a group of people will be bear the brunt and at yet another time a specific person will be at the receiving end of the assault. They will keep shooting day and night, calm down, change the subject, and start all over again. Upon closer inspection, one has the impression that the action had been scripted many days, weeks if not even months in advance. At some moment they push a button in their computers, and out pour virulent texts, thick with aggression, streaked with envy, bloated with fury. Sometimes it seems incredible that anyone could hate Poland and the Church so much. But they can.

On the one hand, they announce to all and sundry that we are free, that Poland is independent; on the other, they watch with the eyes of a hawk for any sound and noble sign of Polish patriotism to nip it in the bud. They soar above Poland like a Sputnik and spy where to swoop down and grab their prey in their talons and drag it all over the world‘s media, pinning this or that label on it or just hurling insults at it. And then they celebrate victory: Radio Maryja won’t get funding for its geothermal project! What good fortune, folks! Watch them rejoice that one more Polish initiative has been thwarted, that Poles won’t spread their wings once again. And they go about it in a way duplicitous enough to make Poles rejoice with them, as though their success were a national victory.

What gives one pause is why these anti-Polish actions are not kept in the dark, but rather advertised in such an ostentatious way as though everything were fine, as though the country was saved from a real threat, as though the greatest danger were… Poles themselves. Why do they pursue this in such a conspicuous way? What is the reasoning behind it?

These are actions addressed not to Poles. They are gestures of idolatry addressed to someone else. They arise from the political system that Poles have now, a system in which those who come to power, if they command a working parliamentary majority, are free to do whatever they
please. They are beyond the Nation’s means of control. They are free to sell all of Poland, to ruin us totally, to send us into bondage. As soon as they capture power and realize its extent, they acquire self-assurance that soon turns into arrogance. The more they have to humble themselves before some foreign power, the more they take revenge on the Polish people. But why does the
general public not see this? Because they engineer this thwarting of native initiatives by provoking the envy of man against man, based on the principle: it serves them right! This is possible when the public is being impoverished, as it makes envy spread. People who are getting worse and worse-off initially look if there aren‘t some others who are better-off than they are, and, once they spot them, they direct all their resentment and anger not at those who hold power and are responsible for the deteriorating conditions, but at those who succeed or those who do not surrender so easily. And this is the rationale behind the continuing process of simultaneous impoverishment and antagonizing of society in Poland nowadays.

In order to understand this, one must grasp the correlation between these two elements. The authorities cannot allow people who understand and deplore the process of our being dispossessed of our material and spiritual inheritance to unite. That’s why they constantly look for victims against whom to set some segment of the populace; let some attack and let the others defend themselves. Let one bite the other to death. In the mouths of politicians and newspeople, words like “Pole” or “Poles” start to sound more and more frequently like synonyms of natives who should be measured, weighed, and then sold or silenced. Their emotions are measured, their preferences weighed, they are sold as Gastarbeiters, silenced as patriots. The understanding of current events is controlled by the media, the knowledge of the past controlled by the Ministry of Education, while the future, though planned in advance, must remain veiled, must surprise, raise hopes and provoke fear and even dread. The masses must not be indulged. They are supposed to work, pay taxes, sleep, and be afraid. They must be kept in a constant state of fear, shown as many misfortunes as possible, including accidents and crimes imported from the farthest corners of the globe.

Murderers and perverts are popular heroes nowadays. They are presented, talked about, written about, exploited to the limit by the media. They are there to frighten and to poison the general atmosphere. Fear paralyzes, deprives of the clarity of thought, it is essential in order that people don’t see and grasp the general design. And what is the design?

It had been drafted much earlier than officially claimed when postwar Christian Democrats like Adenauer or Schuman are recalled. Let’s not be naïve. One of our eminent historians presented a short but fascinating and prophetic text in which we read: “From the League [of Nations] a superstate will grow, a supranational state with executive, legislative and judiciary branches, with penal codes, civil and procedural. There will be direct elections to its parliament, an International Bank, a unified currency […] which will make it easier for individual states to pay up their debts…”.  Has this not been largely implemented already? And the author, Władysław Konopczyński, wrote it in 1925 in an essay entitled “The Invisible Superpower”, published in the magazine Przegląd Wszechpolski [All-Polish Review]. This ‘Superpower’ is being built according to an almost hundred-year-old plan, which has little in common with Christianity, and what is more, as we read, the powers behind it aim at equality, fraternity and liberty, destroying the foundations of the existing social system in their way, dismembering and crushing nation-states, and enslaving individuals in fetters of pitiless collectivism. These plans vary in details, but one emotion unites them by an inextricable tie: their inhumane hatred of religion. It is in this that the essence of the design is hidden, and not in the pious but naïve plans of the so-called Founding Fathers of the EU. A design differing from their plans is being implemented today, the design of a superpower which Konopczyński called “the invisible superpower”.

Piotr Jaroszyński
Dare to  Speak up!
Warsaw 2010

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We sometimes wonder who it is in Poland that coordinates the mass media in such a blatantly anti-Catholic and anti-Polish way. There must be some coordination if almost the same second they focus on one particular subject and begin their barrage. Sometimes they will attack a project. Another time...

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